Magic City Woodworks exists to help young men bridge the intimidating gap between unemployment and meaningful employment. Following our Christian faith, we use a three-pronged approach, “Train, Equip and Invest.” to make a difference in the lives of these men. We train the apprentices of Magic City Woodworks with the skills needed to obtain a meaningful career and to teach future generations within their community. We equip each apprentice with basic knowledge of money management, resume building and job interview skills, and we invest in our apprentices to leave the program with the character to be successful not just at work, but in life.


We believe in building on the basics. Our apprentices understand that our projects are completed one measure, one cut, one glue-up at a time. We examine and practice using our gear. We believe in craftsmanship and that attention to detail is a worthy cause.

We are hungry to learn. 

We train to grow.


We are aiming to equip our apprentices with an education that reaches far outside of the design build atmosphere. Our goal is to see young men shake hands with local employers who are ready to invest in new talent. We accomplish this by offering applicable job and life training. Building a solid resume' is just as important as building a solid table in our shop.


We are investing in the future of Birmingham We believe in our team. Our shop is built upon hard work, family style meals and learning from one another. From the newest apprentice that is fresh out of high school, to the veteran woodworker who stops by to talk about dovetails, we can all learn from each other's lives. Investing in people is what our shop is called to do.

Matthew 4:19